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“Success Through Solutions”

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How we do it.

Helping identify your organization’s environmental, health and occupational safety (EH&S) risks is only the beginning of a relationship with FRM Risk. We succeed when our clients succeed, and success will be defined by helping our clients achieve THEIR EH&S goals and objectives…and surely these goals and objectives include solving opportunities and reducing risks, not merely identifying them.

The key to “Success Through Solutions” is first listening to our clients to understand their needs and desired outcome. Every client opportunity is different, every client’s “appetite for risk” is different, so there are seldom any ‘off-the-shelf’ or “one size fits all” approaches. We work hard with our clients, up front, to understand your operation’s EH&S culture, business strategy, capital or expense situation, and project timing to develop a solution that meet the client’s goals and objectives, that also includes regulatory compliance and reducing or eliminating risks to its employees, operations, and the environment inside and outside the “fenceline”.

While some EH&S consulting firms could use the term “Success Through Identifying” as a mantra, FRM Risk will stay true to its operating philosophy of solving problems, not just identifying them. Prior to our consulting careers, our decades of “hands-on” experiences in implementing and managing safety and environmental processes in various industries as EH&S Managers, Plant Managers, and Operations Managers give us incredible insight on how to successfully work with your company’s top management all the way through to the shop floor to implement your solution.

That is “Success Through Solutions” for our clients.